Reply to PND at 20 months

Posted By PND Ireland on May 15, 2020

Hi Amanda, sorry to hear you are feeling like this at the moment., it won't always be like this and will improve fully in time., Sometimes when improving or recovering from anything we can go through periods of feeling better and not so good again but the periods of feeling better are proof it is possible and you are on the right road. We are available on 0834850689 if you would like to chat further or anytime, we are also available @ PND Ireland on facebook if you would like to contact us there also and directly message. Please feel free to contact us and we hope you begin to feel better again soon.

Posted By Anonymous on May 15, 2020

Hi All, I was diagnosed with PND when my daughter was 20 months old, i have been taking lexapro 20mg since October, i have had some counselling sessions i also speak with my work company doctor and health at work nurse aswell as my own GP. I felt I was starting to feel better in myself but over the last month or so i feel like i am gone backwards, somedays are good days others are really bad,. i feel tired all the time, i have normal conversations with family/friends and my husband but if i was asked what the conversation was about the next day i wouldn't be able to say, I am so disconnected. Has anyone else felt like this?