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Posted By Lisa on Nov 25, 2014

Hi everyone, This is my first time posting anywhere like this. I have a beautiful little boy, 5 months old. since last weekend all Ive done is cry! I have moments where I have actually lost my breath. I always said to myself if there is even a hint of PND I was off to the doctors, which I did. She agreed that there was a depression there and prescribed me Prozac and a counsellor. I tried to explain exactly how I was feeling to goes.... I have a good life, good husband, good job, nice home, good friends etc. My father was recently diagnosed with cancer, and although the doctors seems positive about a recovery, I have become obsessed with both my parents dying. I cant cope with the thought of being on this planet without them. Even typing this is making me really upset. My mum is in good health, was at the doctors last year and apart from B12 all was good. My dad took his diagnosis v bad, and I think because of the hormone therapy, his short term memory is shot to bits.. its v hard to watch him shuffle about now, He's only a shadow of the man he was 12 months ago. This is all taking its toll on my mum, who is exhausted. I have more or less cried non stop since sunday morning. Im just exhausted. What do I do, is this PND or Depression? Thank you xx

Posted By Jenny on Nov 25, 2014

Hi Lisa I remember when people used to say to me that I like you had everything, it really dosent help. When you couldnt breath it sounded like a panic attack to me, which can be so scarey, if it happens again just breath really slowly in through your nose out through your mouth. They only last a few seconds but feels oh so much longer. You are going through so much with your parents and I know I have been through it all with my parents, it is heart breaking to think of life without them, you are there for them which is so important. Have you other family that can help out? We get more sensative when we have a child of our own. To me it dosent sound like PND but labels are just that you are definately anxious and finding it hard and of course its hard you seem so close to your parents and they are so lucky to have you, just try to find space for yourself in the middle of all this, even a walk on your own can help. Wish I could be more of a help, just keep talking and maybe a bit of councilling might help.

Posted By Lisa on Nov 25, 2014

Thank you for your reply. I've started on Prozac today and have my first counselling session tomorrow. I'm struggling to keep going. My GP did say that I would feel worse for the next couple of days and then should start to feel better. I'm hoping the counselling with help big time, the sooner I can get off the pills the better. I am an only child, so no sibling support unfortunately Thanks again Lisa