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Posted By Joan on Nov 13, 2014

Yes anxiety is so bad and yet it took all my confidence, I couldnt make a decission on my own but TG I got better it took time. Marion Keys the writer was talking about her depression on the radio on Saturday and she said some days she had to just get through one minute at a time. What helped her TV, just getting lost in a kids film. In the middle of the night when she couldnt sleep she baked (I never had that energy) a friend cleaned out her kitchen!! not me either, you need to find what is a distraction for you. Effexor eventually worked for me, it could take 8 weeks for higher dose to kick in, check with your GP. Just keep telling yourself you will get better and dont forget to get some exercise every day, it really helps

Posted By Sharon on Nov 14, 2014

Joan can I ask you did you find recovery a very up and down affair, some days I could get a run of it for 2 days and I think this is it I am on the mend, but the next day I feel I am back to square one, also how did you combat the negative thoughts, was it distraction, it is just so hard to keep distracting yourself once the negative thoughts get in your head. Thanks very much