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Posted By Anonymous on Oct 21, 2019

My baby is now 10 months. I didn’t recognize it at the start but I suffered from depression during the pregnancy and after. I had a traumatic birth but still adored my baby the moment I saw her. I passed off the birth trauma as no big deal and worth everything but as the months went on I became more enraged, anxious and depressed. It won’t lift. I’m doing everything but noting will help. My relationship with my husband is becoming more and more strained. He’s fed up and angry at this illness. He becomes more and more withdrawn from me when really I need his love and support but he’s fed up. Iv tried to talk to family and trusted friends but no one is taking me seriously. Iv thought about suicide many times but the thoughts of leaving my baby is too much. Someone please tell me something to help.

Posted By Jill on Oct 22, 2019

You are going through so much, not easy to put a traumatic birth behind you. Are you on medication? I felt meds and councilling and the support of the support group really helped. It is a slow process and differant for every woman, I know you dont want to hear it but you must take one day at a time, be sure to get exercise and keep a short diary of how you feeling, I used to improve around 7pm for hour or two. Your husband is just very worried about you, men usually want quick fix, ask him for a hug, I know it was the one thing my husband didnt think of. Why are your family not taking you seriously? I have heard of this before sometimes they just dont know what to say and also fell if they ignore it it will go away. The anxiety is terrible but you must get out of the house go for coffee, go window shopping. If you on meds how long on them you might need to go back to your ~GP and get them adjusted. Our next support meeting on tues 29th (next week) at 8pm till 10pm on 5th floor of CUMH, so important to hear other womens stories and realise you not on your own. Your husband is welcome as well. Ring the office if you would like to chat 4922083.