Reply to Anyone in Dublin for coffee morning?

Posted By Madge on Aug 07, 2019

Sorry missed your post, I am so excited there is such a need in Dublin would it help if you put something up on our facebook? Would you e mail me at

Posted By Anonymous on Jul 24, 2019

Just wondering,if any interest to try set up a coffee morning in Dublin for mums going through pnd and mums who've come out the other side?.:)

Posted By Karolina on Jul 29, 2019

I would love to as I'm struggling at the moment!

Posted By Anonymous on Jul 29, 2019

It's tough Karolina. Is this your first baby? What part of Dublin are you in? :)

Posted By Anonymous on Aug 05, 2019

Yes first. I’m in D6!

Posted By Nessa Murphy on Dec 04, 2019

Yes i would be interested