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Subject: PND and guilt 6 Replies

  • Started by Anon on Sep 05, 2019
Hi everyone, I am a mam of 2 children (girl 8 and baby boy 7 months). I was diagnosed with PND when my son was 3 months and was referred to counselling and put on tablets. I was never a person to shy away from my feelings but i just put everything down to the baby blues as i did not suffer with PND with my first child. I had brought my baby in for his first lot of injections and the nurse noticed straight away there was something wrong with me. she was very kind and told me to look for help and to come back if i wanted to speak to someone. it shocked me that a practical stranger had noticed it in me but my family hadn't. the following week was a check up with the health nurse and she told me that I had PND after a quick questionnaire and asked me to go to my GP as she would be speaking to him about it. It took me a month to get myself together and realise i couldn't just ride this wave anymore, i needed to get help for the sake of my family and most importantly myself. While the tablets have definitely put in better form from day to day, i still have good days and bad days. Counselling is wrapping up at the moment, only 1 more session left, and although I have learned a few bits about myself and given me food for thought I still feel horrifically low. My partner is doing the best he can but I just don't think he understands the extent of how much PND can effect you. I find i snap the head off him for no reason and don't have the energy to play with my daughter. And so on top of the PND comes the guilt, I feel guilty that I am not well, I feel guilty that I should be happy but for some reason I'm depressed. I am out sick from work as I was to return to work the beginning of July. The thoughts of work sets me into a panic. Which is unusual because i used to like my job, although it was stressful from time to time. I feel I cannot face work and leaving the kids and house all week. How would I get everything done and spend time with the kids and my partner without spiraling into a deeper depression? Has anyone ever felt like this and returned to work? How did it go? Then there's guilt that the main financial responsibility is on my partners shoulders. Please tell me I am not the only one who if after counselling and anti depressants (high dosage) and time of work still feels like crap? At this point I feel broken and won't be able to ever put the pieces back together.

Subject: Hoping it will go away... 5 Replies

  • Started by Anonymous on Oct 10, 2019
Hello, After reading some of the post, I feel I should post how I have been feeling. I had my baby boy 6 months ago and I have not felt my self since. Most days I feel irritable, sad, cross,tired and find day to day generally hard. Some times I feel becauase of my birth experience I feel I never had that moment where you make that ultimate bond with your baby. I have a wonderful husband who is very worried and has encouraged me to seek help. I feel so ashamed for how I feel and behave, it makes me uncomfortable to talk about it, depite having great support. Some days I feel good, so I tell my husband, I will go to Gp next week if I don't feel any better. Now 6 months have passed. I hope by posting this, I'm making the first step and will have the confidence to get the help I need. Thanks for listening.

Subject: Overwhelming Anxiety 4 Replies

  • Started by Anonymous on Oct 09, 2019
Hi everyone! I just wanted to post this to find out if anyone else had similar experiences. Before I was pregnant I had mild anxiety both general and social which I was able to manage myself with CBT and lifestyle management. Last year I found out I was pregnant which came as a huge surprise as I had just started a new job and was in my mid 20s. I didn’t feel that I had much support or reassurance from the medical end of things or from my family/partner and for the initial few weeks I spend a lot of time feeling lonely, isolated, panicked, withdrawn and in the evening times in bed. I felt a great deal of jugement and guilt and didn’t tell a lot of people about the pregnancy until I was 5/6 months pregnant, some family members found it hard to accept and some never spoke to me about it. I moved into a new house around this time and found it very difficult to adjust to living with my partner due to his lack of understanding with the pregnancy and help with the housework. He worked long hours and I was at home a lot at weekends and evenings on my own. I became more fretful about the labour and had a deep sense of dread about all the things that could go wrong and about dying. The birth was good in all respects but I became unwell shortly afterwards and was hospitalised for 4 days with a medical complication and surgery afterwards . which resulted in not being able to mind the baby for a month. In all this time I became resentful and controlling of my partner and that he was unsympathetic towards me, the time he spent outside the home at work and I was constantly fighting and calling him to see where he was and to request him home. We would fight over small things and I would become mad over insignificant events. I would start arguments and looking back now I can see that this has created a huge strain on the relationship. At present I feel a great sense of guilt as I love my baby so much, I have a feeling that others are judging me, feeling like I have to struggle on, have racing thoughts and I am nearly waiting on the next “bad” thing to happen. I feel like it will be hard to get our relationship back and my partner never suggests doing things together anymore. I feel so anxious about the future and I am afraid of becoming sick again. My GP is not very helpful and I am not sure of where to go next. Thanks for listening x

Subject: Breastfeeding and medication 2 Replies

  • Started by Anon on Sep 14, 2019
Hi everyone! I’ve just been diagnosed with pnd and prescribed Prozac.. I’m really hoping to continue breastfeeding ( my baby is nearly 5mths) but I’m really worried about medication being passed onto my baby! Just wondering if anyone has any experience or advice for me! It’s my 3rd baby, had pnd with my first but not my 2nd so was really shocked when the awful sense of anxiety, low mood, snappiness and general feeling of being miserable was back! Thank you all. It’s great to know we are not alone with these feelings!

Subject: PND post breastfeeding 4 Replies

  • Started by Anonymous on Aug 03, 2019
Hi I’ve recently been diagnosed with PND,I’ve been suffering from anxiety since my daughter was born but when I stopped breastfeeding her two months ago things got way worse. My daughter is now 18months and I feel like I’m going crazy, everything is a big deal, I cry at the drop of a hat, I’m always exhausted and dizzy and I can’t cope with any kind of confrontation no matter how small. Has anyone else ever experienced PND in this way ? I have chosen not to take medication as we are trying for another baby and the clock is against me but I’m afraid that counselling alone will not help. Has anyone chosen to go this route ? Thanks for any help
  • Started by Anonymous on Jul 24, 2019
Hi Mums, First post here,I was just wondering if someone (anyone!)could shed some light as I feel like I'm out of my mind! I have a 1 year old little boy . Since November things haven't been great, mental health wise. I am still suffering (gynaecologically speaking) after a tough birth and I don't think this has helped. My main question is ; have any of your PND symptoms manifested in a physical way as well as mental? I have had constant dizziness the last 8 months , I've seen a neurologist , have had mri , bp monitor fitted... All fine and normal. But this dizziness is constant and is so debilitating . No friends have gone through this so I feel like I'm the only one. I also get this feeling, daily , like a tingling feeling, like water or something crawling on me. Can anyone relate?

Subject: Struggling to connect 2 Replies

  • Started by Anonymous on Jul 08, 2019
I was diagnosed with pnd a few months ago and I'm taking antidepressants and had to get the dose doubled to see if it helps. I find it hard to get through the days on my own with my babies and I don't feel as connected to them as I did a few months back. I feel I'm letting them down and also I find the pnd is driving a wedge between my husband and myself. Every day is a struggle and I find I'm acting I front of people but I side I'm screaming.

Subject: POST NATAL ANXIETY 7 Replies

  • Started by Anonymous on Jun 06, 2019
Hi Just wondering is there anyone here that is suffering or has recovered from post natal anxiety and intrusive thoughts ?
  • Started by Mary on Jun 21, 2019
Hi, I'm on sertraline 25mg for depression, since 20 weeks pregnancy, now 32 weeks. My doctor says it's safe for the baby, but I've read some confusing info about SSRIs being linked to autism, and although the research is sketchy at best (3% risk instead of 1% risk), I can't get the idea out of my head and I'm so scared and anxious. Has anyone been on similar antidepressants and had a healthy happy baby? Please help. Trying to see GP today but can't get appointment

Subject: How long does it last 1 Replies

  • Started by Anonymous on Jun 10, 2019
Hi just wondering how long pnd little girl is 20 months.i have been very anxious irritable tired all the time and not very fun to be around.its not every day but every week and my anxiety is hard to control.just wondering if this could be pnd still even though it’s been 20 months.
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