why am I not happy in my home

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Posted By Anonymous on Feb 16, 2017

I have PND for 4 months, very up and down thats bad enough but think I hate my house (I didn't always feel like this) Dont want to be on my own in the house, when I go out don't want to come back, I feel so lonely all the time. I feel I need to be near my family, my partner dosnt understand he thinks I am imaging things and when I get better all will be ok. I am really obsessed and feel if we move I will get better. Is this normal? it is doing my head in...

Posted By Jenny on Feb 21, 2017

I went through this and I think lots of women do with PND it is so awful, first it is hard to admit that you are not happy in your home any more, no one else realises how bad the feeling is, but it can just consume you as it seems the answer to all your troubles. They do say we should not make drastic changes when we are not well no mater how right they seem at the time. It worked for me, we didnt move I felt a lot better if someone with me to keep me company and fell back in love with my house.

Posted By Anne on Mar 05, 2017

This is totally normal. I felt exactly the same and i think its the resentment of the feelings and worries you have had there. As you get better so does the love for your home. Your surroundings being changed wont alter how you feel?

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