PND again

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Posted By C on Oct 01, 2016

Hi, just after birth of my 3rd child. Was hoping I would avoid PND, I had it after my last two and I suffered with anxiety so much last year I was on antidepressants last yr and for 1st 12 wks of this pregnancy. This pregnancy wasn't planned and it took me awhile to come to terms with it. I came off meds and was doing really well. Now I'm back to where I was...I feel numb since the birth and the feel so low, i just feel I can't do this again, as a family we can't do this again, please help

Posted By Jean on Oct 03, 2016

so sorry to hear PND back for third time, you got through it twice before so you know you can do it. I know it is so hard, I had it twice and really thought I had everything covered so it wouldnt happen again. I had to go back on the meds and it didnt last as long this time. I got lots of support and took one day at a time. Exercise really helped me. Look up helpfull suggestions on this website Ring the office if you want to talk to someone 021 4922083

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