Returning to work with PND

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Posted By Anonymous on Mar 19, 2019

Hi ladies. I'm a mom of two, a little girl now 6 and little boy 4months old. I suffered so badly with my first and it wasn't until she was 6months old that I sought help from my gp and realised it was PND. We planned baby number 2 and I had a plan in place with my gp should this happen again and sure enough those feelings began to come back and I started on Strenaline and was doing fantastic. I felt I was being very pro active with my mental health and swore for the sake of my first born I would ensure I got help as soon as I noticed any signs. Now I'm beginning to feel very low, uninterested again (even though I'm on the max dose) and i feel all this is due to me having to return to work the end of next month. I dont feel mentally ready to juggle all this and go back to work and leave my kids, it's making me feel so so anxious. Any mom's in the same position?

Posted By Susan on Mar 19, 2019

OMG I remember those feelings, the anxiety and stress the thoughts are actually worse than going back to work, I decided to give it a try and if not able to cope maybe go back out sick. I really dont know what I was so worried about after an hour it was like I never away. I actually found it good for me to be at work and switch my brain off from babies and housework. I know a friend of mine approached her boss about working a 4 day week and this helped her. Now it is hard trying to get organised the night before but you soon get into the swing. talk it over with your partner, all I can say it helped me to move forward.

Posted By Anon on Mar 19, 2019

I know how you feel but with me its the opposite, I worry about how I’ll get back to work having multiple young children. I’ve such fear that I wont find a suitable childminder (as creche is full) Im a wreck over it it’s putting such pressure on my already fragile mind I just cant think straight with the constant worry. It seems like anything can be magnified by PND, so my dear you are not alone. This condition is so difficult. I feel like I’m not right in the head alot of the time but trying to explain it to anyone who hasnt suffered from PND is so difficult they just dont get it. Meds help but not fully. On Sat I was on top of the world like nothing wrong then on sun my head was spinning & I couldnt keep the tears from falling, its a rollercoaster of constant ups & downs. Try not to worry about returning to work, try giving it a go and if it doesn’t go well go on sick leave, you never know it might help you to get over PND. Every best wish my dear x

Posted By Jane on Jul 21, 2019

Hi, I’ve just come across this site and you describe exactly how I am feeling. I am due back to work in 3 weeks and had a setback with feeling anxious for almost 2 weeks. The thought of going back to work and worrying about not being able to cope is definitely amplifying my anxiety. How did you get on when you went back in the end? I am 9mos postpartum & feel I’m going backwards!! It’s really sent me into a further depression

Posted By anna on Mar 27, 2020

I remember being so nervous going back to work but after day or two like never away. You should talk to your GP if it not work out you can maybe go out for few more weeks. It is a hard time but somtimes it can help to get a change from the house

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