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Posted By Anonymous on Nov 26, 2018

I have a 6 month old baby boy . The first three months were fine. When my baby was around 3 months old I started to feel very down . Dreading the day a head with my baby . I have a history of anxiety ocd and mild depression. I’m currently taking Prozac 60mg and Iv just started Prothiaden 25mg . I’m so scared I’ll get worse and wouldn’t be able to mind my baby . I have a partner but he works long hours . Iv no family close by .

Posted By Siobhan on Nov 28, 2018

Hi Ger So sorry to hear your going through this very hard time, I was there and have come out the other side which you will to. I’m also sorry it’s taken so long for you to get a reply. It’s very hard when you have no support because we all need an outlet, can your husband take over the nights which you get a good night sleep. What about weekends would you be able to take a little time for yourself while your husband takes the baby. Does he know how you feel. Being on your own all day with a baby can be very lonely. My husband is self employed and like you works long hours so I know exactly how you feel. Hope today was a better

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