I feel so lonely, no support, PND so hard.

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Posted By Anonymous on Aug 17, 2017

This PND is a terrible illness, feel so lonely no one to talk to no family around. My Husband works long hours and I feel I cant be worrying him with my problems. Dont know how to help myself, the thoughts just keep going around in my head.

Posted By Madge on Aug 22, 2017

It is a terrible lonely illness, nobody likes to talk about it, but you need to talk you cant keep it bottled up, is there anyone you can share with that might understand? You can always contact the PND Support group 021 4022083, they are Mums that have been there. You are ill and your need your husbands support, how can he help if he not know what is wrong. Look up helpfull suggestions on PND website. Try and get some time for yourself. Is there a mother and toddler group in your area good to be around other mums. Have you been to your GP? Very important. It is a slow process but you will get better.

Posted By Sarah on Sep 21, 2017

I've got a 10 month old and the same my partner works long hours I have family but in the way you feel u don't want to worry him with your problems I feel the same I hate to tell anyone how I feel I don't want a pity party and then I don't want to feel sorry for myself it's a horrible thing to be going through and it's really not easy don't know what to be thinking how to be feeling don't even know what you do be feeling sometimes frustration anger sadness loneliness worthless and the list goes on its nice to know dough that were not alone

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