Do i have depression?

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Posted By Anonymous on Aug 28, 2023

hi. I understand it most be very hard with a toddler and a newborn at the same time to deal with. I would definitely suggest you call your GP or local nurse. there is postnatal groups runned by mums who experience the same situations that can help you too. they can offer support .

Posted By Anonymous on Aug 26, 2023

Hi I’m a mother of 2. A toddler (2.5) and a newborn of 2 months. My husband had to leave for work so he is out of country and I’m alone in ireland with no other family members or friends . I’m on my maternity leave but i could not travel with him as passport office has not issued my newborns passport even though i applied immediately after his birth. It’s taking ages. I’m breastfeeding. I was doing fine but lately my husband was so busy at work we couldn’t talk properly. He is always tired in the evening and slept during our calls. These days i feel so down most of the days i cry and get angry for no reason . I get irritable with kids they keep on crying or wants to play with me but i don’t respond to them. I make a to do list everyday but can’t do it. I am frustrated and angry with my husband that he left us here. Although i know it’s not his fault that passport office is taking that long to issue a newborn’s passport. I feel like no one understands my feelings or my situation. I just want my husband to understand and say some encouraging words to me but he is not good with words or expressing feelings. This makes everything worse there is no one i can talk to. I’m having my first period after childbirth and feeling awful but there is one i can lean on. If i share something with my husband he just says i need to be strong and be there for kids.i have stopped taking his calls now making my relationship worse. I just keep on crying most of time and keep having thoughts of just isolating myself switch off my phone and just lock myself at home. I feel like no one cares how i feel. Could it all be post natal depression? Should i talk to my GP?

Posted By Maggie on Aug 29, 2023

You poor girl you sound so isolated, I suggest you go to your GP and also talk Public Health Nurse. Very important to check if their is a Mum and toddler that you can go to, so important to share with other Mums. So important to get out every day for some exercise so good for the head. Feel not good to shut out your husband even if you feel he no help you must keep communication open, men find it hard to understand try and go gently as you said it isn't his fault you need him on your side. Try an look on positives you have 2 beautiful children. Look here on website look up helpful suggestions. You need to talk to someone that understands. There is a zoom call on 12 Sept at 10.30 am if you would like join in. When you get angry take some deep breaths go out in the garden.

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