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Posted By Anonymous on Feb 16, 2023

Hi am a mother of 2,my LG was 2 in November and my little boy will be 1 at the end of the month. I have been experiencing postnatal depression since I had my little boy. I am wondering if you could point me in the right direction for a counsellor who works with ladies suffering from PND in cork? I would love for this year to be a more stable and calm year for my mental health

Posted By Anonymous on Mar 08, 2023

Hi there thanks so much for getting on touch with us, we are having some technical issues with our website so I really apologies in the delay in responding. First of all well done for reaching out having two under two must be really hard I can imagine you have a very busy house! if you want to give me a email on support@pnd.ie or a call on 0214922083 we can have a chat and i can try point you in the right direction we also hold support groups once a month as well as coffee mornings. Both of these are just a few mums that are going trough postnatal depression or have come out the other end of postnatal depression having a cuppa and listening to what helped them and giving each other tips. Also of you get in touch i can send you a book which is such a helpful tool to have on your journey. Jennifer PND IRELAND

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