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Posted By Anonymous on May 22, 2017

Hi all I was diagnosed with PND in March I also lost a very close friend to cancer after Christmas. I am doing ok now not taking medication going for counselling & finding this is helping alot I am on sick leave from work & have been signed off again for another few weeks but my boss doesn't seem too impressed with this so I am now starting to panic that I will have no job to go back too can you be let go for sick leave? Like I said I have been doing ok but this really has me so upset & stressed out all day

Posted By Anna on May 23, 2017

This is so upsetting after all you have been through, I am not sure of the answer to this but dont think he can let you go because of sick leave. I suggest you get on to the Citizens advice bereau they might be able to give you more information. Great to hear the counselling is working. It can be very hard to face back to work after been off for a long time, I know I was dreading it myself but after a day felt like I never away.

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