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Posted By Anonymous on Aug 04, 2022

I am a mother of 4 children from 9 to 4 months. I am so blessed but I am feeling completely overwhelmed. It is just so busy and I feel like I am failing as a mother. I am not giving enough quality time to any of them. I am doing my best and my partner is a great help when he is at home. I am in my head all of the time instead of being in the moment with my beautiful family. I am thinking about the washing, cleaning, organising I have to do. I am snapping with the other kids. This is just not the type of mother I want to be. I cannot stop crying and feel guilty all the time. I am exhausted

Posted By Sinéad, PND Ireland on Aug 09, 2022

Hello, Thank you for sending on your email. All the feelings you have are all normal, as mums these are all the feelings we thing about.You are doing an amazing with all your children. You are the one to organise everything from start to finish and that is a very long list. Don't be so hard on yourself you are fantastic you should be proud of yourself. We never give ourselves praise, I think it is about time you gave yourself praise and even if you could get time just for you. If you explain to your partner how you are feeling I am sure he could arrange for you to get a few hours just for you. We do have to talk up. Everybody needs help and support at times. You are normal and all your feelings are normal you need time out. To go and sit and have a cuppa on your own or with family or friends. It can work wonders. Take care.

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