Dreading going back to work

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Posted By Anonymous on May 04, 2022

Due back to work in 4 months time and I am already worrying about it. Can anyone replace me, how am I going to be sure I pick the right person. I am all over the place, should I become a stay at home Mum?? If I didnt have the mortgage hanging over my head but really not a reality. Love love to hear from Mums that went through this..

Posted By Jennifer PND IRELAND on May 05, 2022

Hi Debbie Please don’t stress / Worry yourself too much you are 4 months off going back to work. Thats still a long time away to be worrying about it enjoy your time now with your baby. After having a baby the hormonal changes , lack of sleep and the feeling of being out of control can make the thoughts of returning to work tough when your life has changed so much, maybe down the line you could think of extending your Maternity leave for a few extra weeks/months if thats an option for you. If your not feeling ready to leave baby yet but as baby’s mum I’m sure when you do pick someone to mind baby the person will be perfect. Talk to colleagues at work or friends and family about how they managed the transition back to work about how they dealt with the transition of going back to work. Also word of mouth can be the best way to source good reliable child minders in your area ask around about who people recommend.

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