What do you think about egg donation?

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Posted By Anonymous on Nov 26, 2021

Some time ago I was diagnosed with thrombophilia, but I did not worry or think about it when I was planning to have a baby. My mother also had thrombophilia, but she had me without problems. Everything had change 5 years ago. After many trials and hopes, I managed to get pregnant, but at 36 weeks I lost the girl. They told me that there had been a massive infarction of the placenta and that the baby had died from lack of blood. I still do not understand why and after years it is hard for me to accepted what happened. Also, I have been starting to realize that it is more and more difficult to get pregnant. I was thinking of donating eggs from a specialized egg bank as a solution. My partner is hopeless and does not trust egg donation, but it would be the last attempt I would be willing to make. I live in Cork. Do you know any clinic that works with egg banks that can help me in this case? I'd like to make an appointment with a doctor to see if I can convince my partner to try again. Any opinion would really help me at this point. Hope someone can help me. Thanks.

Posted By Sinéad, PND Ireland on Nov 29, 2021

Hi Julia, I just want to ask you Julia, did you ever speak to anyone after the loss of your baby girl on exactly what happened. Did you and your partner ever get counselling after the loss of your baby girl. I am concerned for you Julia if you never spoke to anyone on what happened. I will check it out for you about egg banks in Cork. You can ring me in the office Julia in CUH Cork on 021-4922083 if you feel like a chat. I will send you on a message if I find anything out. Thanking you for getting in touch. Sinéad

Posted By Julia on Nov 30, 2021

HI Sinead! Thank you very much for your reply. Really appreciated your concerned. I have spoken to my therapist about this and of course it still hurts but I accepted what had happened and I try to look forward, also I am ready to try everything possible to become a mom. On the other hand, my husband doesn’t want to talk to anybody about losing our baby girl, not even to me. That’s why he is scared to try other methods, because in case unsuccessful result he will break down completely... I believe that egg donation is the best option to conceive for us and less risky than others. If you could check for me cell banks in Cork or in general in Ireland, I’d be very grateful. Thanks again!!

Posted By Sinéad, PND Ireland on Nov 30, 2021

Hello Julia, That is good you have spoken to someone yes it will hurt but as you say you can look forward. It can be very difficult to get some men to talk about any traumatic experience they have had in there life. That was a huge traumatic experience you both went through. If you had the website open and suggest it might be a good idea to write in and tell someone about what happened and how he felt in those few years of his life. Say it only the once and leave it don' t be asking him did he write in maybe leave it for a few days. We do get messages and phones calls from lots of Dads. We would give him a little advice to try and help him as best we could. He does not have to tell us anything about who he is. I did look up a few Clinics, alot of them ask you for your information online, you are propably better off looking up a few clinics yourself online to get a good idea. This one is Sims IVF Cork, City Gate, Mahon Cork. Take Care.

Posted By Sylvia on Dec 04, 2021

Hi , I can recommend fertility clinics in Prague who specialise in egg donation. Check "Gennet "and" Cube". My friends have done it in Dublin in Sims clinic but no luck..would defo recommend Prague.

Posted By Julia on Dec 15, 2021

Hi Sinead! I think you are right that my husband should talk about it how he feels. I have done the thing you suggested about leaving the web side open and gently show him that he can use it or try to call the support number. I haven’t achieved the expected result but, something happened. He started to talk to me, it was unexpected but it made me really happy to see how he was opening yourself. So anyway, thank you for your advices!! Now we are together trying to find out as much as possible about egg donation and trying to find the best clinic for our treatment. Thanks again!

Posted By Julia on Dec 15, 2021

Hello Sylvia! Thank you very much for your tip! Surely, I will do some research about fertility clinics in Prague. Although I have been already trying to find some clinic that cooperate with a large, Spanish cells bank. I couldn’t find any information about clinics in Ireland cooperating with them but maybe in Check Republic or other countries will be easier to find one. Perhaps you or your friends have heard about egg cells bank Ovobank based in Spain?? I will be grateful for any additional information!

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