Worried about my baby and no one listens

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Posted By Anonymous on Sep 25, 2021

Hi all I hope everyone is good. My precious boy is 15 months old and I love him to bits. I feel I have had pnd for months I had hun in June and up until Christmas was flying it. In the new year I started to feel down and fixate on worrying about my little boy I feel he has been hugely impacted by the pandemic and not seeing many people. I panicked because he wasn’t crawling by the milestone age he did start to crawl. I now panic that he isn’t talking or clapping hands or waving. He gives kisses when you say give kiss and chases me I have been to my gp and she just put me on fenergon for sleep. Have brought my little boy to the phn but she just goes on about how tired and anxious I look. I wake at night worrying there is something wrong. When I wake I dread the day I fixate on playing games with him my husband says just let him lead the play but I see all these mums on social media doing messy play sensory play stacking games etc my lad just wants to fly up and down the hall banging at doors and if I build blocks he just wants to knock them I find the day so long because I feel I don’t know what to do with him I feel so guilty and like he would be better off with someone else. It’s very unfortunate for him he got me as a mum he is so lovely and deserves so much better

Posted By Sinéad, PND Ireland on Sep 30, 2021

Firstly please do not say he would be better with someone else. You are his Mum and he loves you and you love him so much. It is probably a good idea to let him lead to see whats he likes to do and play with him. Every child is so different do not compare your child with other children they are all so different. Babies and troddles crawl, walk, clap hands, say there first words all different times. Just because you see other children doing things the same age as your baby dose not mean your baby should be doing that now. No that is not how it works. I know its very difficult, when playing with your baby enjoy it and try relax more. Even if you did a few relaxing exercises with your breathing before hand for a few minutes and have a camomile tea. Give your baby a book if he dosn't want it that is ok let him choose. Put a few toys around him he will decide. No two people are the same try and enjoy time with your baby. When you are getting him dressed start naming out all the things you are doing and say the words. You don't have to have long sentences just the words like sock, pants, t-shirt, jacket. Tell your husband how anxious you are it is good to be able to get a good nights sleep to get through the day. I hope this helps you. Please contact me again I look forward to hearing from you.

Posted By Anon on Oct 09, 2021

Thanks but he’s better off without me

Posted By Sinéad, PND Ireland on Oct 11, 2021

Hi Anon, I am in the office now. You can ring me and I will chat to you now on the Phone on 021-4922083, or you can give Madge a ring on our Support number 083-4850689 who started up PND 29 years ago. Please ring one of us we will listen to you.

Posted By Sinéad, PND Ireland on Oct 11, 2021

Hi Anon, It might be a good idea if you made an appointment with your GP. If you need to chat please ring me.

Posted By Anon on Oct 13, 2021

Thank you. I have done all that I’ve. Reached out to my gp numerous times only to be out on fenergon for sleep. My phn did a psychology referral last March and I’ve heard nothing. The support for mums is terrible. I’ve been screaming and begging for help for myself. I know now though what’s best. I just hope others aren’t left like this

Posted By Sinéad, PND Ireland on Oct 14, 2021

Hi Anon, When you get a chance will you give me a ring. I am in the office now, you can cotact me by ringing on 021-4922083. I would like to try and help you and to have a chat over the phone. Talk soon.

Posted By Cathy on Oct 20, 2021

Stop putting yourself under pressure, we are constantly compsring with other mums and the worst is social media. Your little boy sounds happy, your GP and PHN arent worried so stop enjoy him, he will talk when he is ready, each child is differant they all progress at differant stages. There is no such thing as the perfect Mum. Make sure you get out in fresh air be good for both of you. Covid been hard on every one, check with PHN and see if Mother and toddler group in area b good for both of you.

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