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Posted By Anonymous on May 12, 2021

I need advice fro u women please my wife 1 year ago had a baby and after a month he went into hospital for a month he is fine now.after this she got delayed post natel depression.she went on meds but an november told me she dosent love me and hasent for 3 years had the baby to save the marriage i then found out she had stopped them when i found an unopened box in the press.during that time she drank alot after x mas she told me she was going to weenoff them but 1 week later she said she was fin.things have been bad since she is telling me she has no feelings for me d marriage is over and wont do anything to work on it.she is so numb wont let me touch her or kiss her she has to force herself to hug me.she said she is fine but i have been trying to ger help from her friends and now she hates me for talking to them behing her back an dats d big issue at the min for the marriage.i know this isnt her she isnt wven the same with the kids anymore just dosent care as much into her apperence more now what should i do

Posted By PND Ireland on May 17, 2021

Hi, I am sorry to hear about the difficulties both you and your wife have been experiencing. It is very normal and common to experience postnatal depression after a hospital stay for your infant - it can be very traumatising, particularly for a new mother. If you are concerned about your wifes mental health and you would like to provide help and support to get better I would recommend speaking to your GP, who can advise you on what your options are going forward. It is possible that these problems you are having solely stem from postnatal depression, however it is equally possible that alongside experiencing PND she truly does feel the way she has expressed to you (that she no longer wants to be married) in either case it is important you both have the help and support you need. Counselling, either individually for you both or as a couple, would help you figure out what the main issue is and where it stems from. Please feel free to reach out to us on social media or call us on 0834850689 if you need extra support or to talk to someone 💜

Posted By Anonymous on May 22, 2021

So what she had a box in the press? Maybe she doesn’t love you you sound awful

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