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Posted By Anonymous on Mar 15, 2021

Hi I have been recently diagnosed with pnd and very much struggling with anxiety. I was commenced on lustral by gp but I reacted to this and had to stop. I have been commenced on amitripline. I was wondering has anyone had this medication and how did you find it?

Posted By PND Ireland on Mar 17, 2021

Hi Anonymous, Thank you for reaching out to us. First I would like to say well done and congratulations on getting a diagnosis and help with it - that is the first, biggest and often hardest step in ones PND journey. Medication can be incredibly helpful, though it is important to remember that it is not "one size fits all" and it may take some time to find the right medication and dose that works for you. With regards to specific medications - I recommend browsing our forums here to see if it has been spoken about before, or joining our Facebook group (send us a message to Postnatal Depression Ireland and we can add you to it) to ask about others experiences. The adjustment period for new medications can be difficult, but once you pass that things will get notably better. I hope you find this helpful, please remember you can call us on 0834850689 if you need some extra support. - Hannah from PND Ireland.

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