Pregnancy and Antidepressants

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Posted By Ang on Mar 15, 2015

Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone here took antidepressants during pregnancy? Or are there any online forums I can join to chat about it? I recovered from pnd last time (I actually had prenatal depression too but didn't get it treated). I'm 27 weeks along and have done everything I can to manage. My psychiatrist has reassured me that it is okay to take the antids but I feel if I could chat to someone who went through with taking the meds I'd feel better.

Posted By Madge on Mar 18, 2015

Hi Ang I know we have had a few women in the group that had to go on medication while they were Pregnant, I will make contact and get them to get on to you.

Posted By Ang on Mar 18, 2015

thanks a million made! I rang the psychiatrists today and waiting on a call back tomorrow about how to start back on them. It's been a very difficult decision but I'm just getting worse. Same happened last pregnancy. I'd be over the moon to communicate with another woman who has been through it.

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