Worried about my partner

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Posted By Peter on Mar 09, 2015

Hey everyone, I am new to this so bear with me. My partner was diagnosed with PND back in October 14, she is on strong anti-depressants and has her good days and bad days. I don't know what to expect every time I come in the door from work every evening. For example, Friday night I came home and she was in great form and happy, but, last night she was telling me that she does not want to live anymore and feels she would be better off if she commited suicide. I don't know what to do, I love her very much and support her as best I can, but nothing I do seems to help. Do I speak to her GP behind her back? Has anyone else gone through something like this? She is a fantastic mother and our kids are lucky to have her, I just don't know what more I can do? Any advice out there please? Thanks in advance

Posted By Pat on Mar 13, 2015

Hi Peter OMG you are talking about my life three years ago, I used to be so affraid to go home not knowing what I would find. Did you say she has been to the GP? I really think you need to take her to Psychatriest, GP's only know so much about anti depressants, has her medication been increased? Most people dont realise that when someone is put on antidepressants that they are started on the loest dose and a few weeks later it usually needs to be increased. I know my wife panicked when the dose was increased as she thought this was a backward step and didnt want to take them. Is she getting time out for a walk every day, exercise is vital, it is also important that she gets out of the house, when she is at home all day with small kids the house can come in around her. Have you looked at helpfull suggestions here on the site, they do help and also encourage her to look and take part in Discussion section. Has she somone to talk to? maybe some councilling might help but you have to be carefull as some councillors want to delve into the past and she might not be ready for that. My wife made a full recovery, but both of us have bad memories of that time. You need help now and cant go on like this.

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