I am so ashamed to admit that I have Postnatal Depression

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Posted By Jill on Feb 15, 2015

Clair you should not be ashamed PND is an illness that will go away, I felt so like you was so affraid that I would never be my old self but I did get better it did take some time and I had to go on medication. So important to try to stay posotive, take one day at a time. Try to get some exercise, it is vital. Have you somone you can talk to that .you can trust? Is there a support group in or around your area, it realy helps to talk to other women that can empathise with you. So good to realise you not on your own. Lots of women feel guilty when they cant breast feed, but at least you tried some mums dont try at all, once your baby is happy thats the important thing. Keep in touch, look at helpfull suggestions on the site, they do help.

Posted By Gemma on Mar 06, 2015

I also have post natal depression. Nearly everyday is a struggle. I hate it!! My gorgeous girl is beautiful and I hate feeling this way, not everyone understands the illness because that's what it is an illness... Can anyone relate to this????

Posted By Joan on Mar 13, 2015

Gemma I know it is a terrible illness and it is so hard to face the struggle every day, you have to fight for the sake of your lovely baby girl. Are you on medication? do you get out for exercise every day, this is so important no matter how bad you feel you must make yourself go out. I found it so hard myself then I would have a good day and I could see there was hope. I kept a diary of how I was feeling every day and what I achieved, I noticed that most days my mood lifted around 7pm for about 2 hours, this also gave me hope. People cannot be very understanding as they dont know anything about it and this makes us feel worse. PND is an illness you didnt cause it. Try to be posotive (I know that is so hard) you have to try. I was so bad and I got better.

Posted By Clair on Feb 12, 2015

I have a beautiful baby girl 4 months old, no baby was so longed for, I thought I had everything planned for, had a great pregnancy the birth went well. I have a lovely house a great job and a fantastic partner. Firstly I really wanted to breast feed, everything went wrong and after a few weeks of agony I had to admit defeat, I had no idea how difficult it could be and I felt such a failure, she is very content on the bottle, that is the most important thing. I found it so hard to sleep, anxious all the time ready to jump out of bed at the slightest sound, just cant seem to relax. think I am a terrible Mom allways compairing myself with other Mom's. Next my appetite went down the drain, my clothes were falling off me. Went to my GP and told the bad news I had PND, I am so ashamed and embarrased have only told my Husband, what will people think? Will I get better? I live in the country and I find nobody talks about it.

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