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Posted By PND Ireland on May 15, 2020

Hi Katie, Sorry to hear you are feeling like this at the moment, things will improve in time and in the meantime we are here for you. Please know that we are available on 0834850689 if you would like to ring for a chat anytime., we are also active daily @ PND Ireland on facebook if you would like to message chat directly also. We usually arrange support meetings also but due to Covid-19 situation they have been put on hold but we should be up and running in the near future again. Please do contact us directly if you think we can be of further help.

Posted By Anonymous on Apr 28, 2020

Hi there I am a first time mom my little man is 8 weeks and suffering with colic. Since 3 weeks I feel so low teary and full of dread fear and anxiety daily. I can't or sleep. He's an extra special baby as I had 3 miscarraige prior to this. I'm.on meds but they haven't yet kicked in. I feel so lonely and awful all the time and I hate feeling like this it should be such a happy time..Any advice appreciated and if there is anyone in the same position. Will it ever get easier? Katie

Posted By Claire on Apr 29, 2020

Hi Katie, sorry to hear your going through such a difficult time. The first few months are difficult enough without a baby having colic. It’s a very trying time for parents. If you haven’t already done it speak to your public health nurse and gp about managing the colic. There are plenty of supplements and tricks to help you and baby through. My baby is now 16 months so moving into toddler world. I suffered terribly with PND, anxiety and PTSD from the birth. I wouldn’t say it gets easier I would say it doesn’t get any harder. You definitely build up resilience and experience as the months go on. The first few months are hard because your still recovering from the birth and the world looks so different post baby. So yes you do adjust and things begin to look a little less scary. Surround yourself with as much positivity as you can. Simple things help. Write a list of comforts ie chocolate, scented candles, funny movies. Take one day at a time. You won’t feel like this forever it just feels like that now. I hope you have enough help and support because moms need time for them too. One thing that really helped me personally was antidepressants and talk therapy. Just don’t feel like you have to go through this journey by yourself. I hope this helps you a little x

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