Postnatal depression & anxiety & returning to work

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Posted By Anonymous on Mar 04, 2020

Hi, I was at my Gp Monday of last week (10 days ago) as I have pnd and anxiety. He put my on 10mg Lexapro. I'm not sure that it has helped much so far. Does it get worse before getting better? I'm due back to work in 8 weeks and am returning on promotion. I am unsure that I will be well enough for the extra responsibility and pressure. Has anyone any idea about whether pnd is general sick leave or still pregnancy related? That's if I am not well enough. Also, should I tell my employer the scenario now as they really are depending on me returning due to staffing needs etc. Thanks!

Posted By Just a mom doing the best she can on Mar 06, 2020

Hello, Fair play to you for reaching out for help. On a personal level I found my gp useless. There’s very little they can do to be honest. Anti depressants are important but it’s also vital to speak with a councellor who is experienced in the area of perinatal mental help including PND. I went to 2 different councellors including using my work EAP but unfortunately neither of these woman had an understanding of PND. I would recommend Nurture Health. Google them. It was only after going to them that my feelings began to make sense. Allot of PND is guilt and shame. Why do I feel like this, will I ever feel like me again, I feel so vulnerable how will I function back in the work world. These are all normal and reasonable feelings that go hand in hand so please give them a call and see how you feel. With regards work. I went back to work when my daughter was 8 months old. At first I loved being back and it definitely helped my PND but about 8 weeks in my PND reared it’s ugly head and this time I was even more vulnerable than before. I was honest with my employer and they were absolutely amazing and so supportive. Honestly how they handled my time off made a big difference for me and my recovery. But again this is a personal decision that is down to you to make. Any other questions please feel free to reply. After going through this journey I really want as many woman as possible to know they are not alone. You can check out my story. The title is PND my story.

Posted By Cathy on Mar 27, 2020

It takes over 10 days to get into system an another days to notice improvment.and then very much up and down. It is really up to you if you tell your boss some can be very supportive. its a hard one to call...

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