There is hope I promise

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Posted By Anonymous on Dec 12, 2019

Hi mums, Firstly let me say to anyone reading this suffering from PND themselves that there is hope. Here’s my story, Finding help was probably the hardest part because getting the right professionals and ladies you need professional help. I made the mistake of keeping things between myself and my husband for months. I pleaded and begged for him to help me, make this awful depression go away, I consoled about the inability to cope with our baby the baby he absolutely idolised. All this did is push our once strong relationship to the very brink of collapse. The day I got the right gp and concellor things began to change for me but he’s now on his own personal healing journey and it’s one I can’t help him with so he too has sought professional help. Anti depressants are a life saver especially in use with a good therapist. The tablets take the edge off. They build back up your tolerance and anyone going through this PND knows tolerance levels plummet the further and further and further you go into depression. It took 2 attempts to find the right therapist. The first one was provided free to me by the work EAP. She wasn’t a mother and didn’t give me any help or understanding into my feelings. All she did was give me her opinions. A good therapist doesn’t do this. A good therapist helps you make sense of it all and gives you the tools in life to not only help yourself in this crisis but also as a mother for when your little one comes to you with problems. My absolute lowest of PND was self harm and suicidal thoughts. But Iv come out of this not only me but a much stronger version of myself. You have to show yourself some self compassion. Acknowledge your pain and suffering. Stop telling yourself you must be a bad mother for getting this, your not. Stop asking yourself why me. These thoughts aren’t helpful. Make an apt with your GP, seek out a good therapist who specialises in this area and please take the anti depressants. If you have gone back to work and you suffering very badly please consider taking some time out. I was upfront with my company. They have been very supportive. Mental health matters so please take care of yourself so you can be the best mom you are more than capable of being. Thank you for reading xx

Posted By PND Ireland on Apr 21, 2020

Hi Anonymous, Thankyou so much for sharing your journey of recovery from PND here on the site. Moms visit the site and do read the information even if they don't reply so it is uplifting for them to see positive messages and shares genuine hope which is super important for those suffering with PND. We wish you a future of health, happiness and peace. Thank you.

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