Just been diagnosed with Postnatal Depression devastated

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Posted By Anonymous on Jan 19, 2017

Just after having my fourth child and told I have Postnatal Depression, I cant believe it, I was fine on the other 3 and really didn't think this could happen to me. My GP wants me to go on anti depressants, I am scared and have put off making a decision. At the moment I can hardly decide if I want a cup of tea or what to wear, I was always so sure of myself. Any advice gratefully received.

Posted By Emma on Jan 24, 2017

So unfair, It happened after my second I didn't even know what Postnatal Depression was, was so afraid the thought of taking tablets really frightened me, felt had to do something as no family support available, so full of anxiety, couldn't sleep or eat, felt in a black hole, I was so bad felt I had no choice. If yours isnt that severe and you have good support you might be able to do it with out meds. I did go on tablets and didnt like the side effects but once they settled down I started to get the odd good day and this kept me going. You really must talk to your GP and be guided by him/her and of course see how your partner feels, they are close to the situation and often see things that you may not.

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