PND after my second child

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Posted By Anonymous on Aug 09, 2019

Hi everyone, my first time posting here. I’ve just had my 2nd child 5 weeks ago and feel like I’ve cried everyday since she’s born. I’m currently breastfeeding so can’t really get much of a break from the baby. My problem is I’m really resenting my husband at the moment. He works full time and plays sport few times a week which is making me feel like I’m constantly with the kids on my own. He’s always asking other people to mind the toddler to give me a break but I feel really guilty as I already feel like I’m not giving her enough attention since her sister arrived and I recently was re admitted to hospital with mastitis for 3 nights so my toddler screams everytime I leave her side because she thinks I’m going back into hospital. I also had to leave work early as I had spd and could not walk properly. This was another reason why I felt guilty because I couldn’t leave the house on my own with my toddler months before I was due to give birth. Are these signs of pnd? Or am I just tired and feeling guilty because my first born is so young too. I’m so confused but exhausted from all the crying I’m doing. Any feedback would be great, thanks.

Posted By Amy on Aug 21, 2019

You are having such a hard time and you really need support. You need to sit down with your husband and spell it out to him, I dont blame you for being resentfull his life dosent seem to have changed at all. You are putting yourself under a lot of pressure, breast feeding, trying to be there for your 3 year old, you cant do it all and if you not get his support you could end up with postnatal depression, please dont put it off any longer. You are not super woman you need help.

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