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Posted By Anonymous on Aug 08, 2019

I got pŕegnant with my youngest girl when I was doing my masters (and working full time). At 11 weeks I had a bleed and later found out i miscarried a twin. I had a really stressful pregnancy and had a lot going on during this time between work and studying. My youngest is now 13 months and I'm back at work. I find myself so irritable with my husband and my oldest girl and have days where I feel like crying for no reason or over anxious about stuff I can't control. I feel guilty that I'm not giving my best to my daughter's and I'm letting my husband down. I've been feeling like this on and off since my baby was born but it has definitely improved since going back to work. I'm not sure if I'm over analysing or if i should talk to someone. Any advice would be appreciated.

Posted By Cathy on Aug 21, 2019

We all get irritable I found especially leading up to my period, good idea to keep a track on calendar. I used to take star flower oil and really found it helped. Its a good sign that you have improved since your return to work. have you had any council ling since you lost your twin it might be a help. Very important to make time for yourself

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