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Subject: PND, Baby and ME! 2 Replies

  • Started by Amanda on Jun 12, 2020
Hi. I am a Mam to a 4 year old and 8 month old. I was diagnosed with PND when my little girl was 3 weeks old. I reached out and got whatever help and support I needed however I know this is not the same for many Mams. I want to help. I want to be that person that reads between the lines when a Mam says "I'm fine". I'll offer whatever support I can. Thank you. Amanda

Subject: There is hope I promise 1 Replies

  • Started by Claire on Dec 12, 2019
Hi mums, Firstly let me say to anyone reading this suffering from PND themselves that there is hope. Here’s my story, Finding help was probably the hardest part because getting the right professionals and ladies you need professional help. I made the mistake of keeping things between myself and my husband for months. I pleaded and begged for him to help me, make this awful depression go away, I consoled about the inability to cope with our baby the baby he absolutely idolised. All this did is push our once strong relationship to the very brink of collapse. The day I got the right gp and concellor things began to change for me but he’s now on his own personal healing journey and it’s one I can’t help him with so he too has sought professional help. Anti depressants are a life saver especially in use with a good therapist. The tablets take the edge off. They build back up your tolerance and anyone going through this PND knows tolerance levels plummet the further and further and further you go into depression. It took 2 attempts to find the right therapist. The first one was provided free to me by the work EAP. She wasn’t a mother and didn’t give me any help or understanding into my feelings. All she did was give me her opinions. A good therapist doesn’t do this. A good therapist helps you make sense of it all and gives you the tools in life to not only help yourself in this crisis but also as a mother for when your little one comes to you with problems. My absolute lowest of PND was self harm and suicidal thoughts. But Iv come out of this not only me but a much stronger version of myself. You have to show yourself some self compassion. Acknowledge your pain and suffering. Stop telling yourself you must be a bad mother for getting this, your not. Stop asking yourself why me. These thoughts aren’t helpful. Make an apt with your GP, seek out a good therapist who specialises in this area and please take the anti depressants. If you have gone back to work and you suffering very badly please consider taking some time out. I was upfront with my company. They have been very supportive. Mental health matters so please take care of yourself so you can be the best mom you are more than capable of being. Thank you for reading xx
  • Started by Agnieszka on Dec 04, 2019
If you are a woman who was diagnosed with postnatal depression after having the first baby and would like to share your valuable experience and contribute to my research project, please click on the link below: If you agree to participate, you will take part in the questionnaire consisting of open-ended questions about your experiences of motherhood and postnatal depression. The study has been ethically approved by the Ethics Panel at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Project Reference Number: UG-1913. Withdrawal, anonymity and confidentiality You will not be asked for any identifying information as the study design is anonymous. However, if you provide any information that could lead to identification (such as names of people or places) will be removed or changed to ensure anonymity. All data will be securely stored and treated with confidence. As the data is anonymous you will not be able to withdraw your data once it has been submitted. By submitting your responses, you are considered to give informed consent to take part in this study. However, you can withdraw during the study by exiting the browser before submitting. Data obtained in the study will be stored on a password protected location which will only be accessible to the researcher and supervisor. Thank you!

Subject: Interview Request 3 Replies

  • Started by Colleen Hennessy on Jan 25, 2018
Hello Ladies, I am a writer and mom of two who had postnatal depression after the birth of my son in Kerry. I am American and back living in the US but still go back and forth from Kerry as my husband is from the Dingle Peninsula. I am working on a book about my experience with PND and am looking for other moms who would be willing to talk with me, either by phone or email. I recently published a feature in the Irish Times that can be seen at the link below. The Ray Darcy show contacted me about my experience and is hoping to put together a radio show if they can find enough mom's to talk about their own experience. Terrifying prospect I know but I think it will help women. Please email me at or find me on FB if you are interested. More info about me and my work is on my website at
  • Started by margaret on Jan 27, 2015
For months I have been feeling overwhelmed and low. my baby is now 18 months so I have been feeling this way since he was about 14 months. Only thing is the episodes are getting more frequent and intense. On the Edinburgh PND scale I am scoring 16. Can I have PND this late post partum.
  • Started by Anonymous on Feb 02, 2018
Hi, i’m a mum of two and my second baby is 7months. I’ve been feeling incredibly angry and irritable, overwhelmed and just generally full of rage and flying off the handle - this is really not like me... I wasn’t like this after my first baby. I just put it down to ‘normal’ feelings of being overwhelmed with two small children but now I’m getting tearful pretty often and I just feel kind of I can’t cope with the most basic stuff like keeping the House tidy and washing the clothes. I feel completely judged by anything people say. It only dawned on me this morning that maybe there is something more going on. I just feel so frustrated constantly but I honestly don’t know if this is just normal life with two kids and I should just cop on and get onwith I torso I need to seek some sort of help. What do Ye think? What should I do? I’m slow to talk to my gp as I don’t want to just start taking medication - if they are going to suggest counselling then I’ll just sort that out myself. Is there any point in going to my public health nurse? Are there any other services I can avail of beside the group meeting in CUMH? I kind of think I’d prefer a one on one chat with someone before talking to a group... Thanks in advance for your help xxx

Subject: First time mother not coping 3 Replies

  • Started by Anonymous on Sep 21, 2018
Hi, I had my first baby 5 weeks ago. All along I don't think I felt 100%, was always wondering if I had enough love for my son. This week I have gotten much worse. I can no longer eat, and have no energy as a result. I don't want to be anywhere near my son, have no interest in him at all. My doctor has told me I have post natal depression, and has put me on medication. Will these feelings go away? How long will it take? Will I be able to bond with my son and enjoy him? Thanks

Subject: Meet up 1 Replies

  • Started by Fiona on Feb 26, 2017
Hi Ladies, Just thought I'd put it out there and ask if there's anyone in Cork who wants to meet up and chat? None of my friends have had PND and I feel I would love to actually meet someone who has felt similar to me....not bonding with baby, the anxiety, the torment in my head. Thankfully it didn't last too long for me but I'm now pregnant again with my second and this time around I want it to be different.
  • Started by Katie on Apr 17, 2018
I am undertaking some research into Post Natal depression awareness, and how we can raise better awareness of it for both mothers and loved ones. I would really appreciate it if anyone has the time to either answer some of the questions below or just to share your story- all information will be kept in the strictest confidence. If you would prefer to email me; 1. Do you know what PND (Postnatal Depression) is? 2. Have you ever suffered from PND? 3. If you have suffered what was your experience? 4. If no, do you know anyone who has suffered? 5. Have you ever experienced something after you gave birth and didnt recognise it as PND? 6. If you did could you please elaborate on your experience. 7. Do you think the Irish health services have a good approuch to PND and raising awareness? 8. Who do you think needs to be aware of the signs of PND and why? 9..What do yo think needs to be done to help people with PND? 10. What do you feel is the main barrier to stopping women seeking help for PND?

Subject: Thanks To Dr Okoro Herbal Drugs 0 Replies

  • Started by Berth on Feb 14, 2018
I want to say thank you Dr Okoro for the helps you render to me when i lost all hope, with your herbs i believe there is hope for women out there that has issue with pregnancy or getting pregnant or any health issue you facing right now... Today am proud to be having my baby through the herbs he delivered to me, Contact him via his or Whtsapp/call: +2349062360805 +2349062360805 { THANK YOU DR OKORO, GOD BLESS YOU}.
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