Do these symptoms mean I have mild pnd?

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Posted By Anonymous on Feb 02, 2018

Hi, i’m a mum of two and my second baby is 7months. I’ve been feeling incredibly angry and irritable, overwhelmed and just generally full of rage and flying off the handle - this is really not like me... I wasn’t like this after my first baby. I just put it down to ‘normal’ feelings of being overwhelmed with two small children but now I’m getting tearful pretty often and I just feel kind of I can’t cope with the most basic stuff like keeping the House tidy and washing the clothes. I feel completely judged by anything people say. It only dawned on me this morning that maybe there is something more going on. I just feel so frustrated constantly but I honestly don’t know if this is just normal life with two kids and I should just cop on and get onwith I torso I need to seek some sort of help. What do Ye think? What should I do? I’m slow to talk to my gp as I don’t want to just start taking medication - if they are going to suggest counselling then I’ll just sort that out myself. Is there any point in going to my public health nurse? Are there any other services I can avail of beside the group meeting in CUMH? I kind of think I’d prefer a one on one chat with someone before talking to a group... Thanks in advance for your help xxx

Posted By Jane on Sep 07, 2018

Hi,I just came across your post looking up on the internet what is normal and what is and.Your post reads exactly like I'm feeing now.How are you getting on now?xx

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