Reply to Struggling to connect

Posted By Anonymous on Jul 08, 2019

I was diagnosed with pnd a few months ago and I'm taking antidepressants and had to get the dose doubled to see if it helps. I find it hard to get through the days on my own with my babies and I don't feel as connected to them as I did a few months back. I feel I'm letting them down and also I find the pnd is driving a wedge between my husband and myself. Every day is a struggle and I find I'm acting I front of people but I side I'm screaming.

Posted By Cathy on Jul 09, 2019

It is normal for dose to be doubled as the first dose low to get into system, how long you on stronger dose? you know it will take a while to take effect. When you talk of babies are you talking about twins? Sure you being hard on yourself we all have up and down days as well as babies have down days, bet you being too hard on yourself, there is no way you letting them down, we can be so hard on ourselves and expect so much. PND is a struggle and you must learn to take one day at a time. Hope you getting out for a walk every day so important for you and the babies. When we are not well we take it out on the one nearest to us, it is hard work have new babies in the house, I hope you are letting your husband help and I also hope you are sharing how you feeling, you need his support and he is probably worried about you. We have all had struggles with small babies even though some may not admit it. Take one day at a time, make a list of what you achieved every day, you will be surprised how many things you will put on the list. If you live around Cork next Support meeting on Tues 30th July at 8pm in CUMH ring 021 4922083 if you want to chat.

Posted By Anonymous on Jul 15, 2019

I've been on the higher dose three and a half weeks. Ya it's twins I have so it's hard work. Most days I can't even bring myself to get them out for a walk. I thought I'd be full of joy being a mother but it's overwhelming