Reply to Antidepressants Harmful for baby?

Posted By Anonymous on Jun 21, 2019

Hi, I'm on sertraline 25mg for depression, since 20 weeks pregnancy, now 32 weeks. My doctor says it's safe for the baby, but I've read some confusing info about SSRIs being linked to autism, and although the research is sketchy at best (3% risk instead of 1% risk), I can't get the idea out of my head and I'm so scared and anxious. Has anyone been on similar antidepressants and had a healthy happy baby? Please help. Trying to see GP today but can't get appointment

Posted By Susan on Jun 25, 2019

Your Doctor would not prescribe unless safe and they also dont put Mums on meds unless necessary. Google is not always our friend. I suggest you come to Support meeting tonight at 8pm in CUMH on 5th floor and talk to other mums that can offer support.