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Posted By Anonymous on Aug 20, 2018

Please help I have been in an unhappy marriage for a while now think I knew years ago it would not work out but really only admitting it now alot of stuff has kept us together like house family illness etc and don't get me wrong when things are good they are brilliant but when they are bad I can't do it anymore I have 2 beautiful daughters who I love more than life itself but it feels like a constant struggle to get anything done around the house with them I am snapping at my 2 year old all the time and not able to cope when my baby 5 months is out of sorts my husband says it's just post natal depression but he is not listening to how unhappy I am with everything else in life don't think I could bear it be on medication and have him make me feel like a worse mother terrified of going to gp also don't even know how to explain it

Posted By Cathy on Aug 21, 2018

Hi you sound very unhappy, have you considered a Councillor might help to talk to someone. I know you dont want to go to GP but maybe a good idea, I know things not easy and you snappy at your children but there is more to PND how are you sleeping how is your appetite. there are a list of symptoms here on the site. would your husband go to councilor with you for Marriage council ling? You have to do something, talk to GP you dont have to take meds if you dont want to. Are you getting some time to yourself? it is very important and also to get a walk in every day. Important you do something for the sake of yourself and your girls.