Reply to New mum

Posted By Mags on Aug 14, 2018

What is causing this is severe anxiety, I know it is awful and I also know about that feeling that you have changed and I know I used to be afraid that the real me would not come back but I did. Have you been to your GP? are you on medication. You must take one day at a time, exerciser is vital even though you probably wont feel like it, do it you will feel a bit better for it. I also couldnt eat when I was bad but you must it is very important little and often. The Support Group have a help line 021 4922083. Look up helpful suggestions on Support meeting on Tues 28th ~August so helped me to talk to other Mums going through what I was going through. Try to be positive I know this is hard also you must not let your mind take over. Do something nice for yourself.

Posted By Anonymous on Aug 07, 2018

Hi I am a new mum and have just been diagnosed with post natal depression. My anxiety is so bad I have completely lost my appetite and feel like a different person. I constantly have a pain and tightness in my chest that won’t go away. I would really appreciate any advice especially from anyone that has been through this. Is there a helpline?

Posted By Karen on Aug 14, 2018

Oh my heart goes out to you. I know that fear and anxiety. It's awful. Talking helps, I spoke to my mum and husband. The thoughts are poisonous and cause the anxiety. The good news is thoughts are not facts. They are just thoughts. You can counterbalance the doubt and fear by saying out loud thoughts like 3 things you are grateful for, 3 things you did for your little one today, 3 reasons why you are a worthy person. Learning to breathe, meditate is so helpful to calm you. It might be listening to music, youtube a mediation you like or standing still in your bathroom with your eyes closed and the fan on while someone holds your little one. Sertraline is a great help and you can take it while breastfeeding if you speak to your GP. It will give you distance to view your worrysome thoughts to get through this trying time. Wishing you strength and peace.