Reply to Public Health Nurse?

Posted By Anonymous on May 12, 2018

So my son is 16wks and I'm starting to struggle. My husband thinks it might be PND, I'm not convinced but I appreciate it might not be something that I could see. Does anyone know could I contact my public health nurse or does it have to be the GP? I'm not scheduled back to the nurse for another couple of months.

Posted By Emma on May 15, 2018

Of course you can contact the Public Health Nurse, they are there to support you. Sometimes other people see things you cant or dont want to see. I recommend you keep a diary of your moods, first thing in the morning, lunch time and evening and things you have achieved during the day. Important to try to get a walk in every day. Talk to the nurse and be honest about how you are feeling. Feel free to ring us at the office for a chat 021 4922083