Reply to Will I ever get better, will I be on tablets for ever?

Posted By Maria on Sep 22, 2016

I have postnatal depression, have been to GP and on a load of tablets and dont feel any better. I dont know what to do and affraid that I will get addicted. Cant believe I feel so terrible didnt think this could happen after having a baby.

Posted By Emma on Sep 22, 2016

Hi Maria you do know it takes a while for the meds to take effect, for me it tooke over 2 weeks and then was only slight improvment. Everyone you to say to me that I would get addicted and I felt so bad I believed them and put myself under pressure to cut down which only made me feel worse. No one knows how vulnerable we are and we think everyone else knows better. If you had a heart problem you would take a tablet, postnatal depression is an illness and if you perscribed meds you must take them in conjunction with your GP. When you are ready you will come off the tablets but only when you ready