Reply to Is PND back

Posted By Maria on Aug 18, 2016

I had postnatal depression after my first baby, I went through a lot and now have had my second which is 8 weeks old and feel I am slipping back into it again. I am in such a panic I dont know what to do, I havent told my husband as I feel he will panic. What should I do?

Posted By Paula on Aug 19, 2016

Maria the first thing you nned to do is share with your Husband, he has probably noticed something and is also afraid to bring it up. You should go to your Doctor and discuss it with him. Sometimes when we have had PND we are constantly watching ourselves affraid that it will come back and maybe its only that we need a bit more support, we are inclined to think the worst. Just dont sit on the fence worrying do something about it now. Good idea to go to a support meeting or talk to somone in the PND office, someone that has been there and understands where you are coming from.