Reply to I don't understand why I'm feeling like this already

Posted By Hannah on Mar 20, 2016

Hi I am 33weeks pregnant and have two other children.with my first I believe I had pnd which went undiagnosed 10 years later I had my second child and pnd hit me hard luckily I managed to open up to my partner, after not trusting myself to be left alone anymore, and he took me to the doctors and where I started on meds strait away and after time I started feeling better. When my daughter was a year old I became pregnant again and so came off the meds and have managed ok. though i have found no happiness in this pregnancy and i just want it over and done with but in myself I have not felt the darkness come over me again until today. I woke in the night with dark nightmares that left a disgusting morbid darkness on me that I can't shake all day,it's also given me a reminder of the dark days I suffered during pnd before and now I feel scared and tired realising I don't know if I have the energy to get through it again. I'm also feeling confused though as i don't understand why I am feeling like this now while I'm still pregnant? Is this normal?can it be starting again already? Im prepared to start my medication as soon as igive birth but i have 7 weeks of pregnancy left what will I do?

Posted By Emah on Apr 15, 2016

From reading other posts and my own experience you can get is it called prenatal depression but if you are off your meds too maybe worth going to bit of counselling if you have the chance as maybe you are also anxious about getting Post natal and maybe with all hormones and other kids and day to day exhaustion it's all building up, think it's worth talking tk doctor and see what's going on.