Reply to low self esteem

Posted By Rosie on Oct 30, 2015

My daughter is 1 year old but I'm still suffering from low self esteem to the point where I hate even looking in the mirror. I used to be able to talk to my other but he can't cope with me anymore feeling so bad about myself. I have nobody to talk to. I want the old me back, has anyone else felt like this? And if so, did you ever get back to feeling good about yourself?

Posted By Maura on Oct 30, 2015

Hi Rosie yes I can relate to these feelings, my answer was to get out of the house, I joined a gym and did Yoga and also joined a group that helped me to be more assestive. You sound lonely and isolated and that is not good for you. Try and get some exercise every day it really helps. You need to think posotive and you will feel better about yourself. I found it helped to write down how you feel, just to get it out of your head helps. The other idea is maybe try some councilling, it can be helpfull to talk to someone for a full hour! and yes I did get back to myself, you really need to do something to help yourself.

Posted By Rosie on Oct 30, 2015

Hi Maura, thanks for taking the time to reply to me. I have tried the gym but unfortunately I can't afford it anymore 😔 I think finding somebody to talk to would really help me, because sometimes all I need is someone to listen to me and tell me everything's gonna be okay and not tell me that I'm being ridiculous or stupid for feeling this way. Writing my feelings down might help too! I feel like I'm a huge burden on my fiance at the moment, it's starting to take its toll on our relationship and I feel if I don't 'get better' it will be the end of us. Thanks so much for all your advice and I'm so happy that you managed to get back to me hope! ❤

Posted By Marie on Oct 30, 2015

Hi Rosie, Its normal to feel different after such a life changing experience. I was in a dark place and it was tough on me and my partner, as he was going through a huge life change also. But the best advice I can say is be positive. Dont focus on the bad things you appear to see in the mirror and focus on the good things. Each day can be a struggle and even when going in the right direction, setbacks do happen and make you want to give up, never give up on yourself and try your best to see the good sides which you may not always be able to see clearly. My journey was a struggle and I found it hard to finaly take the advice Im giving you now, but trust me your not alone and its ok to feel differnet after such a big event in your life. Talk to your partner as much as you can and be aware he is going through a huge change too. Talk to friends if available and if you think its needed, look for some professional help. But remember, even though you've had a baby, you havent truly changed. Your still the person you were previous to the birth and all you have to do is redisover who you are. Focus on the positives, talk about your feelings and remeember you are still the same person deep down. Never give up. Its tough times but I redisovered who I was and me and my partner are stronger than ever and have 2 beautiful kids. My road to positivity was hard and a struggle for both me and my partner, but with the right outlook and finding my self-believe, I found my smile again and you will too. Keep believing in yourself.

Posted By Rosie on Oct 30, 2015

Thanks for your reply Marie. Like you experienced yourself there are dark days where I don't know who I am anymore. I used to be a bubbly, outgoing and confident person, but I lost my spark and I'm struggling to get it back. There are days where I don't wanna leave the house and the thoughts of getting dressed up for a night out fills me with absolute fear and dread because I know I don't measure up to most of the girls out there and I wonder what he sees in me these days. I know we're both going through a huge life change at the moment but I will try to take ur advice and be more positive and hopefully I'll start to see the old me make a 're-appearance'.❤ Thanks for all your help ❤