Reply to obsessed with my own and babys health

Posted By Jenny on May 21, 2015

I have PND for the last 3 months and am obsessed with my own health and the babies. The anxiety is awfull and to make things worse have had a few panic attacks. I am on antidepressants but I dont seem to be getting any better, every day feels like a week. I worry all the time about the baby and have a path worn to the doctor. I am not sleeping and keep thinking there is something wrong with me medically.

Posted By Dee on May 26, 2015

Hi Jenny when you are really stressed and full of anxiety it is easy to imagine that every ache is serious. I still remember my first painc attack, I had no idea what was happening, thought it was a heart attack now I know how to deal with them just take long slow breaths, I know it feels like an hour when it is happening but it is only a few seconds and as somone said to me, no one ever died from a panic attack (at the time I thought it a bit harsh!) but it is true. Medication helps take the edge off but you have to try to help yourself, get out for walks, try to think posotive thoughts. Get some support from family and friends. Have you told GP you not sleeping? We all zone in on something when we have PND with you its your health with another it can be money. I have been through all this and TG came out the other side, take one day at a time and keep talking and walking.