Reply to Birth Trauma & PND

Posted By Anonymous on Oct 08, 2019

Hi Mums, I went through a difficult birth with my daughter 10 months ago. I was induced, 17 hours of back labour which ended up with an emergency c section, post partum heamorage and blood transfusion. The first night I had to stay in acute care and couldn’t look after my baby because I was so ill so she spent her first night in the special baby’s unit. All this affected my milk supply and long story short it never came in and I never got to BF despite really wanting to. I’m now going through post natal depression and anxiety. I’m taking anti depressant and attending counseling. I’m wondering if the birth might have had an impact on the reason why I developed PND and my bond with my baby and would like to hear other mums experiences of birth trauma and PND.

Posted By Maggie on Oct 09, 2019

You had a terrible time and bring me so back to my own birth. I was induced and my labour and birth took one hour the baby was taken away for over two hours had no time to hold him or bond. I definitely blame my bad birth experience for the start of my postnatal depression and did go on medication. I was lucky that I did bond with my baby even though we party for hours, you must work on creating that bond, look on positives we have to learn to move on an not let our bad experience effect your life. Have you spoken to the Maternity Hospital about your bad experience? I found the Support Group a great help so good to see I not on my own an to talk to others that have been there. I thought I would never get better, it was a very hard time for me and my family but made it out the other side and have a great relationship with my son. Take one day at a time and turn negatives into positives. there are helpful suggestions here on website and they do help

Posted By Anonymous on Oct 10, 2019

Hello, I definetly think birth, whether traumatic or smooth sailing has a huge part to play. I too had a tough birth, which ended in a c-section and spent time away from my baby, it plays on my mind all the time. I worry about my bond with my baby and find day to day very hard. I feel uncomfortable talking about and bottle it up, almost ashamed. I have not yet looked for proffessional help, I hope my post helps in some way, I guess sometimes we feel we are the only ones like this. I wish you well and thanks for sharing.