Reply to Breastfeeding and medication

Posted By Anonymous on Sep 14, 2019

Hi everyone! I’ve just been diagnosed with pnd and prescribed Prozac.. I’m really hoping to continue breastfeeding ( my baby is nearly 5mths) but I’m really worried about medication being passed onto my baby! Just wondering if anyone has any experience or advice for me! It’s my 3rd baby, had pnd with my first but not my 2nd so was really shocked when the awful sense of anxiety, low mood, snappiness and general feeling of being miserable was back! Thank you all. It’s great to know we are not alone with these feelings!

Posted By siobhan on Sep 17, 2019

Can imagine your surprise getting PND after your third when second went ok. I am sure your GP not perscribe Prozac but would encourage you to double check, I do know there are lots of antidepressants you can breast feed with. ~Were you on Prozac before?

Posted By Elaine on Sep 19, 2019

Hi anon, hope you are ok. I was on medication whilst feeding and was reluctant but it helped. I would clarify with your gp or public health nurse that it is ok to take prozac whilst feeding as every case is different.