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Posted By Anonymous on May 27, 2019

I have a 3 month old baby and a toddler and I'm finding it so hard to manage. I try to get out of the house but have no enjoyment and don't look forward to doing things. I keep making plans and putting them off. I am oversensitive and everything upsets me. I am irritable and getting into arguments with everyone over silly things. I spoke to the health nurse because I burst into tears in her office but I'm afraid to speak to anyone else in case they don't support me because I've been so argumentaitve lately I think they're sick of me. I'm due back to work in 3 months and can't enjoy my time off because I'm sick to my stomach with anxiety and worry. If I can't cope now, how will I manage when I go back to work? I am a teacher and know if I take time off with PND I will eventually go back and everyone will be asking what's wrong. I am embarrassed to tell people. A girl was out with PND for few weeks and everyone was talking behind her back saying she just made it up because she wanted more time with her baby. I also will be examined my a doctor from the department of education if I am off for more than 28 days and the thoughts of this makes me so sick. Will I ever be ok to go back to work?

Posted By Cathy on May 28, 2019

You are really going through it, have you told your GP are you on medication? I know I was very sensitive and argumentative that is all to do with PND we feel so scared and afraid that it never go away.. You have nothing to be embarrassed about you have an illness and you will get better. Now you have to stop worrying about going back to work it is 3 months away, just put out of your head when time comes you will be fine. I remember driving myself mad with anxiety that I would not be able to cope and guess what going back to work the best thing I did, got me out of the house and gave me something else to concentrate on. Some women dont want to go back to work, its not easy I know. People can be very mean thinking that everyone woman putting on that have PND, it really annoys me the women so judgmental of others. You will get better it just takes time.

Posted By S on May 28, 2019

I spoke to the health nurse but not the GP. I have been meaning to make an appointment but just keep putting it off like everything else. I sometimes wonder if I'm suffering enough to need medication. Some days I start to feel a bit better and think it's improving and put off talking to the GP.but then it goes down hill again. Yes maybe going back to work and getting out of the house will be good for me. I just find it hard to manage being a mother to two kids I don't know how I could handle a job on top of it. Hopefully I will feel ready to go back when the time comes. Thank you for replying.

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