Post Natal Depression

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Posted By Anonymous on Aug 20, 2018

I just feel so miserable. I have two kids under two and just feel like I’m drowning. Every day that I know I’m going to be on my own with them all day I feel like I’m drowning, suffocating and I dread it. I feel like I’ve lost my identity and I don’t feel like a person anymore. We are moving house at the minute after living with my sister for a while and my partner thinks I’m just stressed over that and is dismissing my thoughts that I may be suffering with post natal depression. I feel I can’t cope with anything right now, the slightest thing sets me off. I don’t know if I’m just stressed or overreacting but I don’t know what to do. I suppose I’m just ranting but any advice would be appreciated.

Posted By Niamh on Aug 21, 2018

Im so sorry you're feeling this way. Even asking for advice here is a huge step. Would you consider speaking with your GP? I know my GP is great for advice & very supportive

Posted By Edel on Aug 25, 2018

This is exactly how I'm feeling at the moment. Little baby boy is 4 months and I have a 2 year old and every day feels likena complete struggle. I am so relieved when bedtime comes because I feel like I've got nothing left to give. Its taking everything I have to keep us going all day and I feel like I'm left with nothing for myself. I've told my husband about it and he says all the right thingsbut I honestly don't think he gets it at all. I'm considering going to my gp because my mood doesnt seem to be lifting at all

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