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Posted By Anonymous on Nov 14, 2016

Hi, does anyone know if there are any support groups in Mayo?

Posted By Mary on Dec 16, 2016

I am sorry I don't think so but you can ring PND Irl 021 4922083, they are very helpful.

Posted By kayla on Dec 17, 2016

Thanks Mary, I'll try that

Posted By Pamela Owens on Dec 15, 2017

Hi there i am a psych nurse i have a patient with post natal depression. I was wondering is there any available postnatal support groups in Mayo Ireland. my email is my contact number is 0857087533

Posted By Mags on Dec 21, 2017

Sorry as far as we know no group in Mayo there was talks of one starting in Galway but not sure. Ask at your maternity Hospital and your Public Health Nurse. You are always welcome to contact the group in Cork 021 4922083

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