So confused don't know what to do

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Posted By Cathy on Aug 27, 2016

Getting conflicting advice and my head so all over the place don't know what to do. Encouraged to go on anti depressants (I don't want to) I want to go for counselling not encouraged, thought be good idea to go to support meeting to meet other Mums that understand, told I not well enough! surely this would help me? So hard to make decisions when I find it hard to decide what to wear etc. Any advice would really help.

Posted By Lilly on Sep 02, 2016

Cathy I know how that feels, it is so hard. for me I went on medication after days of worry, just figured I couldnt stay the way I was, had really tried to get myself better on my own but was only getting worse. Councilling can help if you get the righ person and they give you some help and advice because we dont know what to do ourselves. Support geoup really helped just to know not on my own that I would get better. Walking and exercise did really help as well. I thought I would never get better I was so bad but I did it with lots of support.

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