so embarrased that anyone will find out I have PND

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Posted By Paula on Jun 15, 2016

I have had Postnatal depression 4 months, I cannot come to terms with it. I had a great pregnancy and was so looking forward to being a Mum, why did this happen to me? I fought against going on meds but had to give in as I was getting worse. I hate going to get my tablets (what will people think) I feel such a failure, the only person I talk to is my GP, worry that people guess from my face and my anxiety. Please somone tell me this will go away and I will be my own bubbly self again

Posted By Felicity on Jun 15, 2016

Hi Paula, you will see from my post on this forum that I am going through PND is nothing to be ashamed is just something that we happened to 'get' after having a baby. Acceptance has been met for me. I too felt like a failure initially, especially around having to take meds but then decided that I would have no problem taking meds for anything else, so why not this and now I just take my tablet without thinking of it....they do help. I have found going to counselling really helpful (which I was initally ashamed of but then accepted that this is just something that I have to do to get better). I feel so empowered now that I am doing all this and feel that I am doing all this as I am getting better for my girls. Try to remember that this isn't 'you' it's an illness that makes you feel this way. You will get back to yourself and if it takes meds/counselling to get you there so be it. Hope this helps and all the best x

Posted By Emah on Jun 18, 2016

Paula, I am on an online group and one of the moms went through this, ashamed to tell friends who seemed have the perfect mother baby relationship, but one day she couldn't hide it, turns out she wasn't alone, Nearly all of her friends had each been through it at various stages and all felt too embarrassed to tell someone! Brook shields wrote a book about her experience When the rain falls, when postnatal depression was all hush hush and I felt at time still do what an incredible person she was to fight such a battle! You are not alone though it may feel like that at times but you have an illness to recover from , failure to love yourself is only time failure is allowed to be acknowledged! X

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