Will this ever end

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Posted By on Jun 06, 2016

Thanks Maria. Went back to the doc and she out me on different meds so feeling better (don't have that awful feeling n the out of my stomach in the mornings). Counselling is helping also. It's all pressure that I am putting on myself thinking I am not good enough so I keep reminding myself that I am.....as we all are. I agree, it is the loneliest place you can be. Glad to hear all is well with you

Posted By Felicity on May 27, 2016

I have been diagnosed with PND and have been on medication for over 3 weeks now and have started counselling but am so scared that there feelings of anxiety and inadequacy will never go away. I am really bad today and the thought of leaving the house literally terrifies me. I feel that I just don't have the energy to care for my girls and am so scared of the effect that this will have on my 4 year old as I have gone from being a fun mammy to a shadow of my former self....this is taking the life out of me. I am also so scared that my husband will have enoughof my moping about. I am throwing everything I have at this to try and function normally again but don't feel like anything is working. Please tell me that there is good of this going away because right now every minute of every day is a struggle. I adore my husband and girls and just want to be who I was before

Posted By Emah on May 27, 2016

Felicity, contact your GP or phn or if possible for a community nurse to call to you and reassess medication but also to make sure you are being treated for anxiety , especially if you feel can't Leave the house . Like any illness take it small little steps at time , you are doing great to go and get help in first place but hope you have plenty of support besides your husband. You are not moping , you are recovering and I'm sure he understands, as for your little girl I'm sure we'll like animals have to hibernate, so do mammies sometimes to get their strength back xxx

Posted By Maria on May 31, 2016

You sound like I felt, the anxiety is so awfull, you have to try to get out of the house and get some exercise, walking really helps. Have you noticed any improvment since taking tablets, it used to lift for me around 7pm for about 2 hours, keep a diary of your feelings. Have you been back to your GP since starting the medication? it is important as usually started on lowest dose to get into your system so might need adjusting. My oldest was 4 when I had PND and remembers nothing, we have enought to be getting on with trying to get through each day. Be gentle and dont be expecting too much of yourself. Have you any other support, dont be affraid to ask for help, even somone to take the older one for a few hours can be a great help. I am sure your kids know you love them and your husband is probably as worried as you but you are sick and he should be there to support you at this though time. I thought I would never get better but I did, so try to stay posotive and I found the helpfull suggestions here on the website a great help. Just to know I could pick up the phone and talk to somone that understood was absolutely fantastic 021 4922083. It is such a lonely place!! Can you talk to your Public Health Nurse?

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