Do I have PND?

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Posted By Karen on Feb 24, 2016

Hi there, Just a bit of advice please. My baby is 6 months old. I feel like he has just had issue after issue. Problems feeding on the breast which I fought through for 4 months to exclusively feed him with low weight gain. Severe colic until 12 weeks old which was hell on earth, then eczema which we think may be dairy related. Put him on a special formula which he hates so I fight through every feed with him which is exhausting. Now to add to it all he is waking 4 times a night. I was fine for the first 4 months but the last 2 months it has just all got on top of me. Once my baby is doing well and in good form I'm totally fine but when he goes through a day of not feeding or has a big eczema flare up I cannot cope anymore. I feel like I just can't win and in angry that it's all so hard. The phn said she doesn't think it's PND as most of the time I'm ok but I really don't know what to do about it all. I never thought having a baby would be so hard

Posted By Joan on Feb 25, 2016

Karen you have been going through the mill. I know I also thought it would be easier, but when you think about it why did we expect it to be easy, we believed all the glossy magazines all the mushy films but that is not reality. I was angry myself and kept asking why did anyone not tell me but would I have believed them?? probably not.. It will get easier believe me you must try to take each day as it comes. Our babies sense when we are anxious, you are very hard on yourself and it is not helping. Have you any one you can talk to? do you get time out for yourself, we all need some space, it took me ages to learn this I thought I had to be there 24/7 but that is not so, you need to mind yourself. Where is your partner in this, we dont have to do it by ourselves. It will get better, try to get out of the house, I joined a mother and toddler group, it helped me so much to talk to other mums. I used to be anxious and up tight trying to have everything perfect believe me that is a hard job, you can only do your best.....

Posted By Emah on Apr 15, 2016

Hope your baby dietary issues are sorted now. I felt exact same as baby had mild reflux , I put so much emphasis on getting the formula right or maybe a new bottle would help and then would be OK or then maybe fixing her up all would be OK or maybe I'll try this and that and it kept going on, a year and three months down the line and it's like such sleep issues and if I just do this and this exactly ..,but then it doesn't work and my brain can't take anymore . I'm sure it falls under umbrella of pond. I have anxiety so I know I'm creating patterns of expectancy and then viscous circle of disappointment, guilt etc

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